Official ESTA application is available only on US government website but there are hundreds of third-party sites that promise help in filling the application. Here a question comes to mind. What kind of help these sites can provide and why do an applicant needs taking help when he is able to fill the form on his own.

To understand what help a third-party site could provide and why you need its help, you should first go through the process of filling the application

· The ESTA form contains general information regarding travel

· Passport details including number and date of issuance is sought

· Applicant’s name and postal address

· Reason for traveling

· Time for which the applicant need visa

The information sought is general in nature but it gives important feedback about the travelers. The US authorities can verify passport numbers from their countries and also they can verify personal details like name, gender and postal address of the applicants. The US immigration authorities have developed a large database of travelers from VWP countries. They match the ESTA forms with that database and clear the applications that match with their database.

Application for USA ESTA visa has to be error free. No cuttings or overwriting is allowed on the form. Some details have to entered very carefully as the applicants aren’t allowed to rewrite those details. These details are considered sensate and US authorities want the applicants to be very careful while entering those details. The sensitive details are passport number, name and gender of applicants.

If you are filling the official ESTA form on US government site, then you need to be extra careful while entering details. It is better you go through the guidelines for filling the application and keep all your travel documents close by to avoid making mistakes. But if you are using services of a third-party site then you have an opportunity to correct mistakes.

The third-party site will provide you a replica of the official ESTA visa application. You can fill the application without any fear or worries and allow the site to paste the details on the official form once you are satisfied that all the details are correct. The third-party site will simplify the process by providing information in detail.


 You will pay a fee of $14 to the US authorities and also you will pay a small service charge to the third-party site. In other words, the third-party site will increase the form fee.